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The Greatest Tools On The Planet!


Here is my personal experience with All In One Profit, a company that provides all needed online business tools.

I was skeptical of joining AIOP because I thought that the $10 price is too cheap for the services and tools provided.

Again I thought it will never be possible to provide such professional tools plus 100% commissions paid for each referral in your downline. That means paying back $10 – $15 each time someone is referred – using their EVEN UP pay plan. So I neglected it outrightly anytime that I saw their ad.

I gave it a second thought to join. I tested their Autoresponder and Web Hosting service and that made me stick to them forever. I now use all their tools for free plus I receive 100% commission payment for referring. Payment is made within 24 hours which is so amazing to me.


Very affordable tools at only $10/month

100% commission payout (Basic Level)

# Rapid payout to your preferred payment processor within 24hr

# Powerful Autoresponder – I use it for all my sites for free

# Professional web hosting

# GREAT compensation plan (The Even Up System)

Does NOT use MLM payment structure, so you don’t need plenty of referrals before you earn big

Splash/Squeeze page builder

Link Tracking system

Link Rotator

# E-Learning library

# Automatically follow up your prospect

# Replicated affiliate site

# Earn $10 – $15 plus extra $3 for referring as a Pro member

Co-op Advertising system

Downline builder

# Easily replicate your autoresponder emails for your downlines or affiliates

# Simple user interface

In conclusion, as much as I know, many online businesses have failed because of the cost involved to run the business.

You’ll bear with me that having your operational cost at the lowest level is the best option to keep your business running in spite of economic turn-over.

As for me, I want to run my business with AIOP’s powerful but inexpensive tools. Comparing their tools with other services, theirs is far better, works the same as the expensive tools and pays back 100% commission.

Shoot me in the head, AIOP is the only place to be at the moment!!!

PIPS-Very Simple-Money-Making-System!

Whether seeking a supplemental income or a full-time income, many folks have undertaken the task to discover a viable home-based business solution to meet their personal needs.

For most folks who contemplate a home business, a low-cost or no-cost solution is not only nice, but also very necessary. Many also seek to find a home business that will permit them to maintain their regular day job to protect their base income.

Plug-In Profit Site

Taking the cautious approach to a home-based business and keeping one’s job during the start-up period is often a very good decision. By maintaining one’s job, one can maintain the health of their finances while permitting their home business to grow healthy and strong.

Fortunately, most home-based businesses can be started with little or no cash, can be maintained on a shoestring budget, and can be operated successfully with only a part-time investment.

One day, the business will be strong enough to support itself and its owner. When that time comes, it will make good sense for the business owner to leave his or her outside job to dedicate more time to growing and maintaining their new thriving home-based business. You will know when that time has finally arrived.

The nature of a home-based business makes it easy and very realistic for most folks to take the plunge into home business ownership.

Many folks put off starting their own home-based business because they have the misconception that they will have to risk thousands of their hard-earned dollars at start-up. Then later, if their business fails, they fear they may be forced to take out a second mortgage on their house just to stay out of bankruptcy.

Are you one of these folks? Do you let your fears of failure keep you from reaching for your dreams?

If so, then allow me to introduce you to the proven home business idea that you can start for less than $10 and can be started and operated very profitably as a part-time business.

 Plug-In Profit Site

The Plug-In Profit Site is a VERY simple money-making system. In a nutshell, Stone Evans been working since 1999 learning how to make money from affiliate programs. During that time he’s discovered many things that work very well after testing countless things that didn’t work…

Let me explain to you how it’s going to work.

It is recommended to join all 5 of the programs shown in the application so you can develop multiple streams of income at the same time using the Plug-In Profit Site system. Each program provides different benefits and earning possibilities which you can see as you click the links to learn more about each program. You can start with one or all of them and build as you progress through the training with your website.

Each of these programs was picked for a purpose, and they are VERY powerful and pay out HUGE commissions.

If you can’t join one, then you’re sponsor’s ID will be put into your website and your email follows up a campaign, and they’ll get the commissions when people sign up for those programs.

IF you join the program later, your ID will be additionally updated in the website

After that Stone Evans will create a FREE website, and you will have lifetime hosting. The site will be similar as this one  http://www.marijamarketing.com

You are welcome to promote additional products and programs on your website and through your email list. If you follow the 30 Days to Success training, you will learn many strategies for growing your traffic and building your list so you can make sales for anything you are promoting. PIPS don’t provide direct support for any programs other than the 5 primary Plug-In Profit Site programs, but you can always log in to your own website and make changes.

The site is 100% customizable.


By submitting the application, you will have in your hands is a system that is highly refined and continually improving too. Every website page Stone Evans will create for you, every email or article he will write for you, every banner ad he has had developed for you is a tool that has already PROVEN over and over and over again to make sales and pull in multiple streams of residual income.

All you have to do is add enough of the right traffic and subscribers to the system, and YOU WILL make money. There is absolutely no doubt about that. The tools that he has developed for you to pull in sales very effectively.

You will get $5.00 for every new Plug-In Profit Site referral that you get if you are not active in SAN yourself and your sponsor’s ID is in the system for your account. This is an alternative to earning from  Super Affiliate Network -SAN

As far as marketing goes, he provided detailed instructions for the EXACT STEPS he has taken and continue taking to promote his site in the 30 Days to Success action guide. Many people take what he shares and go on to generate a large income with the Plug-In Profit Site system.

Others simply use the tools that he has created such as your Plug-In Profit Site affiliate link or home page and promote them using many other ways than what I do, and they make great money with all the Plug-In Profit Site programs too.

In summary, you have the world’s best sales tools in your hand. Follow the steps in your 30 Days to Success guide and apply EVERYTHING you can to maximize your success.

In the training, you’ll find a number of very effective marketing strategies for growing your business and making money. Some of these strategies are free and some are paid. My recommendation is to focus on the ones that you can do and apply those to your full ability implementing as many of the strategies in this training as you can because the more of them you have working for you, the faster your business can grow. Always focus on the things you can do, and what you can do will grow day by day. Remember, we’re here to support you so feel free to ask questions along the way.

Something to remember is that small actions daily toward getting more traffic and more subscribers are all it takes to earn a fortune on the Internet. It’s never just one thing that is going to suddenly make a bunch of money starts coming in for you. It is always the cumulative results of ALL your actions combined that add up to BIG results over time.

Never get discouraged, or if you do GET OVER IT. You have to keep “plugging away” little by little EVERY DAY. Small things like growing your email subscriber list and making sales,  adding content to your site, and promoting your PIPS affiliate link to different list mailing services will help you to grow your business

There’s no end to the ways you can use Plug-In Profit Site tools to make money.


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